Peach State Garage DoorsNew Garage Door Installation – Includes the door, track, cables, springs, hinges, handles, locks rollers and optional accessories such as wireless keypads.

Replacement Garage Doors – We’ll remove the old door and install a new one of your choosing. We can install nearly any brand of garage door.

Electric Garage Door Openers – We install, service and repair all brands of electric garage door openers.

Garage Door Spring Replacement – Garage door springs are very durable, but they wear over time with use and can eventually break. These springs store a tremendous amount of energy when in use and can be dangerous to work with. Installation by a trained, experienced professional is highly recommend.

Repair Off-Track Garage Doors – The rollers transfer the weight of the door to the track when it is in motion or open. When rollers disengage the track, it can create a dangerous imbalance of force. If this is happening with your door, contact us immediately for service.

Adjust Sagging Garage Doors – Homes settle over time, and this settling can affect your garage door. With that settling, a garage door may look out of alignment or fail to operate smoothly. We can adjust the door so that it looks great and functions properly.

Replace Garage Door Panels – Damaged door? Maybe you just need one or two panels replaced. This can be a significant savings over buying an entire replacement door.

Repair or Replace Safety Equipment – Garage doors have important safety features such as safety cables and object safety sensors. These features protect you and your family, and should be in good working condition at all times. We can inspect and repair the safety features of your garage door.

Noisy Garage Door Service – Does opening and closing your garage door make a loud racket, threatening to wake up the entire neighborhood? Call us for an evaluation. Sometimes it’s a simple adjustment. We can also replace the standard rollers with quiet, nylon rollers.

Install Wireless Key Pads – Convenient for kids, extended family and guests, a wireless keypad is one of our most popular install services.

Program Additional Remotes – Lost remote? New driver in the family? We can program additional remotes for your electric garage door openers.